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In Focus: Maria Stella Marquez Zawadsky de Araneta & The Bb. Pilipinas Beauty Pageant

Stella Márquez Araneta, born Maria Stella Márquez Zawadski is a pageant director of Binibining Pilipinas and a former international beauty queen.

Stella Marquez Araneta is a Colombian of Spanish and Polish parentage. She was Miss Colombia in 1959 and was therefore able to compete in the Miss Universe 1960 pageant held in Miami Beach, Florida placing as a semifinalist. She then competed in the first Miss International beauty pageant held in Long Beach, California, United States in 1960. She won that competition by half a point, becoming the very first Miss International, and the first Latina Miss International.

She married Jorge Araneta, a Filipino businessman. Since 1964, she has been the organizer of the most prestigious beauty pageant in the Philippines, Binibining Pilipinas (Filipino for "Miss Philippines"), which sends its winners to the Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International competitions.

Bb.Pilipinas Pageant

Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) is the organization that sponsors the beauty pageants held annually in the Philippines which choose the national contestants that represent the country in the annual Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International pageants, among others.

Since its creation in 1964, the Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Incorporated (BPCI), a non-stock, non-profit organization and foundation, the organizer of the Binibining Pilipinas (or Miss Philippines), has established skills trainings and educational workshops for the indigents and philanthropic/humanitarian projects and activities that have benefitted many orphans and street children, poor families and other less fortunate members of the Philippine society. BPCI also conducted medical and dental missions and participated in relief operations in Central Luzon during the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991. Binibining Pilipinas past and then titleholders (beauty queens) visited the ash-laden town of Porac, the Tent City in Pampanga, and other refugee camps, to distribute food, medicines and other basic needs to the affected residents that included ethnic tribes that lived on the volcano slopes.

The annual pageant is the main source of the foundation's funds. Stella Marquez-Araneta, a former Miss Colombia, who became a Miss Universe semi-finalist and the winner of the first Miss International beauty pageant in 1960, is the chairperson of the BPCI which has been the official national franchise holder of the Miss Universe Organization since 1964. The Philippines, through BPCI, has produced two Miss Universe winners (Gloria Diaz in 1969 and Maria Margarita Moran in 1973) and three Miss International winners (Aurora Pijuan in 1970, Melanie Marquez in 1979, and Precious Lara Quigaman in 2005). The first Miss International crown for the Philippines, won by Gemma Cruz in 1964, is a product of the Miss Philippines pageant, the predecessor of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant.

Bb. Pilipinas 2010/ Swimsuit

Source: Wikipedia

Filipinos (The Chocolate from Spain)

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Universidad De Manila

Universidad De Manila

The Universidad de Manila (formerly known as City College of Manila) is a public university in the Manila, Philippines. It is one of the two city-funded universities of the City of Manila.

The main campus of Universidad de Manila, which houses the Administration Building of the Division of City Schools-Manila, is located at the heart of the Mehan Garden adjacent to the Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila City Library and the Light Rail Transit Central Terminal. Apart from its main campus, the university maintains several satellite centers in many parts of the City of Manila such as Escolta, Recto, Del Pan, San Andres, Dapitan and Tayuman.

The university's original name is City College of Manila (CCM), but when Lito Atienza took office as Mayor the name was changed to Universidad de Manila (UDM). In 2007, when Lim was re-elected as Mayor, he reverted UDM to its original name; however, a few months into office, he renamed it Gat Andrés Bonifacio University.

The founder of the university, Mayor Alfredo Lim, said that the "egalitarian UDM complements the elite PLM. For its part, the City College delivers practical education to average student.


Universidad de Manila, formerly known as the City College of Manila (CCM) or Dalubhasaan ng Lungsod ng Maynila,was founded in 1995 during the term of Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim. It was then located at the old 12-storey high Philippine National Bank Building within the district of Santa Cruz.

In its early years, and before it acquired its current name and status, many controversies haunted the CCM. Among these issues were the low passing rates that it had received in the past, and its proposed transformation into a district college of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Both the PLM and the CCM students opposed the plan; thus, it never materialized.

In early 2005, many environmental groups resisted the construction of the new building at the Mehan Garden, but there are also various organizations that backed up the move. Later on, the City Council unanimously voted in favor of transferring the CCM's main building at the site, and the construction of a five-storey edifice ensued. In that same year, the CCM integrated sports in its school curriculum in line with the plan of establishing the Manila Sports Academy, which is tasked to provide free college education to deserving athletes and outstanding performers and develop future sports educators. Additionally, the college also took part in the enforcement of English as a the medium of instruction.

A year later, Manila City officials, including Mayor Lito Atienza, also initiated the elevation of CCM to a university to promote higher learning and provide more opportunities to Manila youth for a quality education. By virtue of the amendments of Ordinance No. 7885, which was authored by Majority Floor Leader Ernesto Dionisio and some members of the majority bloc, the CCM acquired the name Universidad de Manila (UDM). During the same year, UDM hosted the International Youth Expo, with the theme, "Showcasing an Ideal World through Visuals".

In 2007, the Commission on Higher Education allowed the UDM to confer postgraduate studies. In November 30 of the same year, during the commemoration of the 144th birth anniversary of Andrés Bonifacio, Mayor Lim renamed the school in honor of Bonifacio, who despite of financial difficulties pursued knowledge through self-education.

Website: Universidad De Manila

Source: Wikipedia / Related: I'm Officially a Photo Thief

Josh Santana Releases New Album

Josh Santana might sound like a new name or a fresh face once seen on the cover of his new Filipino-Hispano inspired album entitled, "Eres Tu" - or "It's You" as it goes in English. However, Josh is no longer a newbie in the Philippine music scene. He is remembered most vividly, whenever ˜Meteor Garden" is mentioned, as the singer who tagalized this ABS-CBN chinovelas theme song, which eventually grew into a mega hit. Moreso, josh will always be remembered as the loveteam of Carol Banawa in the highly successful teleserye "Bituin".

Having left showbiz for a while to finish a degree, Josh is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts Major in English Language and he admits that he was busy in school during the time he was seldom seen on TV. Nevertheless, he is now returning via an album entitled "Josh Santana - Eres Tu" that reveals more of his musicality. Josh introduces 10 Fil-Hispano songs in his new album, all with Spanish/Latin flavor. His carrier single, "Eres Tu" is a Spanish classic that was very popular in all Spanish speaking countries, including the Philippines, when it was launched in the 70s. It has been revived by more than 100 international and latin artists and Josh is the only Filipino singer who made a pop version, that is already playing on radio stations in Metro Manila.

Josh renders one pop and one ballad version of the song "Eres Tu" both of which are included in the CD. Another Spanish classic is "Historia de Un Amor," (that many would remember from the versions of Spanish idols Luis Miguel and Julio Iglesias) that was based on a story about an intense love affair after which a beloved woman dies. Other revivals are Selena's "Dreaming of You," and Gloria Estefan's "Don't Wanna Lose You Now." Josh also recorded Rihanna's "I Hate That I Love You" with some lyrics translated to Spanish. Josh also included 3 original Tagalog songs with latin flair; an upbeat song entitled "Eres Mio"; two power ballads "Kahit Minsan Lang," and "Magpakailanman," and Josh's own composition, "Estar Contigo" (to be with you) with English and Spanish lyrics. The over-all Album Producer and arranger is Paulo Zarate.

When asked why he chose to record a Fil-Hispano album, he said "This is the first time I'm choosing my music without pretension. I believe that music is a universary and very powerful language and I really want to share something I truly enjoy listening to." He further explains that, Spanish language and music is very familiar to Filipinos, since we borrowed most of our Tagalog words from it. Also, Filipino music is very similar to Spanish music since they both come from the heart. He says it was a daring decision, but worth a try.

Josh was born with parents who both have strong Spanish heritage. He tells us that he learned simple Spanish from his parents, which
eventually improved as he grew up hearing his grandparents and other relatives speak. Josh himself speaks conversational Spanish and
is a big fan of Spanish music and he believes that by singing this genre of songs, he could bring new enjoyable music to his followers.

In line with the release and promotion of Josh Santana "Eres Tu" album, Josh will have some TV guestings and appearances in different shows and an Album Mall Tour have been lined up. First stop is SM Baliwag on April 4, 2009 and he will visit selected SM Supermalls in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Josh Santana "Eres Tu" (It's You) CD Album is produced by Zachary C. Barlahan and Dennis G. Arce and distributed by Polyeast Records. lt is now available at record stores nationwide.

For inquiries and bookings, please contact Zachary C. Barlahan or Dennis G. Arce at telephone number 927-0611 (telefax) and celfone
numbers 0917-885-1533 or 0915-888-4848.

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