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El Dia de los Ninos Inocentes

Los Ninos Inocentes is a solemn Christmas tradition celebrated every 28th of December in the Philippines, and celebrated in other Christian countries as the Holy Innocents' Day. It commemorates the innocent male infants from new born to age 2 years who were murdered by order of King Herod of Judea, who was seeking the baby Jesus' death. This horrible occurrence took place after the Magi's sighting of the Star of Bethlehem. King Herod made this order as soon as he realized that he was deceived by the Three Kings whom he asked to lead him to the Messiah. He wanted to kill the Infant Jesus, whom he considered a threat to his throne (Matthew 2:16-18). Not knowing where to find Jesus, he ordered the killing of all boys under two years old. Jesus was spared because the Holy Family had fled to Egypt before the massacre was carried out.
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