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La Solidaridad

La Solidaridad was an organization created in 1888 in Spain to represent and advocate the Filipino cause at the Spanish parliament. Headed by José Rizal's cousin Galicano Apacible, it also issued a newspaper of the same name, between 1889 and 1895.

La Solidaridad as a newspaper was first headed by Graciano López Jaena, but soon taken over by Marcelo H. del Pilar, who became the driving force behind the paper. Under his direction, the paper, although in limited circulation, drew the attention on politicians and even Spanish ministers.

Several writers contributed to La Solidaridad over its six years of existence, like Antonio Luna, Mariano Ponce and Rizal himself. One of the most prolific contributors though was Rizal's confidante Ferdinand Blumentritt, whose impassioned defense of the Filipino interests was said to have been inspirational to the other writers and the readers of the newspaper alike.

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