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My "Misa de Gallo" and "Nochebuena" Memories

It's the start of "Misa de Gallo" in the Philippines. It start 9 days before Christmas in the Philippines. I have a lot of good memories about Misa de Gallo or "Simbang Gabi" as others call it, I remember when i was a kid, me and my friends , we used to have a sleep over and try to plan on what to do on the first day of Misa de Gallo, we used to sleep early then wake up around 2 am, we just towards the church and while walking we usually see different venders along the route to the church, most of it are food stands, selling Bibingka, Pancit Palabok, Puto Bungbong and the free tea with pandan leaves, this is so traditional especially where I came from in Cavite, and that is where we are going after church.

We try to go to church everyday for 9 days until Christmas, but sometimes it's hard to wake up especially when you are tired during the day. And on the last day, the 24th of December, that's the highlight of the Christmas season in the Philippines. At 12 o'clock midnight after an early church, it's time for "Nochebuena". Jamon, Queso de Bola, Pan Americano, Pancit Malabon and desserts like leche Flan, Kaong, and Halayang Ube together with different kinds of fruits are just some of the food that you will see in most of the homes in Cavite during "Nochebuena".

Filipino Christmas for me is the most meaningful and most joyful of all. I will always treasure my childhood memories of Christmas in the Philippines. It's just saddens me sometimes to look back at those memories. This is my 10th staight Christmas abroad (Saudi Arabia) and I really miss all of it, but I don't think it will be the same as before when I was a kid. Merry Christmas!
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