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The Mangenguey Island Society [Exclusive Resort In The Calamianes Islands]

Owned by Helena Carratala Mander

Located in Palawan Island, it is a splendid and peaceful location that sits on the clear waters of The Philippine Archipelago. Offering untouched beauty, it provides access to center of the Coral Triangle, and is blessed with natural wonders like limestone cliffs, orchids, and pure blue waters, as well as breathtaking natural scenery. Founded by design visionary Helena Carratala Mander and her husband master builder Richard Mander, they focus creating a Utopia, offering untouched nature at its best.

The resorts interior is architecturely designed to show off classical forms with indigenous materials creating a cultural fusion called Native Baroque. Boasting incredible rooms that have views of the ocean and and surrounding islands, it is the perfect getaway. They also feature various activities like water sports, bird watching, island hopping with gourmet picnics, or taking in the gorgeous view. A resort that not only offers a vacation but gives you the Filipino cultural experience, stylist and artistic accommodations and is a perfect example of Utopian Living.

Find out more about the beautiful Island, the exclusive Resort and how to get there,

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