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Cuidad de Nueva Caceres (Naga City)

Ciudad de Nueva Cáceres (English: City of New Caceres) was a former Spanish city in the Philippines. Established by Captain Pedro de Sanchez in 1575, the city was named after the honor of Governor-General Francisco de Sande who was native of Cáceres, Spain. In 1595, a papal bull coming from the Vatican created the See of Cáceres under the Archdiocese of Manila.

During its glory, Nueva Cáceres was considered the center of economy and industry in the Bicol Region. Nueva Cáceres was named as the province of Camarines' capital. When the province was dissolved in 1829 and 1857, the city then became the capital of Camarines Sur.

In 1919, after the fall of Spanish regime, Nueva Cáceres was renamed as Naga and reduced to municipality status. During Naga's cityhood in 1948, several villages around the municipality was split, giving way for new towns such as Canaman and Camaligan.

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Source: Wikipedia
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