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Instituto Cervantes Of Manila

The Instituto Cervantes was created in Spain in 1991 to promote the Spanish language and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. Our Head Office is in Madrid and Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), the birthplace of the writer Miguel de Cervantes. The Instituto Cervantes has over forty centres in four continents.

Objectives :

•Organizes the Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE), as well as issuing the official certificates and diplomas to the participants in our courses.
•Organizes Spanish courses.
•Organizes Spanish teacher training.
•Supports Hispanists in their work.
•Organizes cultural events in conjunction with other organizations.

The work of the Instituto Cervantes is directed by representatives from the worlds of the academe, culture and literature from Spain and Latin America.

The Instituto Cervantes in Manila

In 1994, the Spanish Princess Dona Elena officially inaugurated the Instituto Cervantes in Manila. Today, with the opening of the new headquarters in Madrid, it confirms Spain's mission to strengthen its cultural presence in Southeast Asia.

In 2006, the Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Ms.Leire Pajín, presided the presentation of the new office that houses the Instituto Cervantes in Manila, a newly constructed building with a modern architectural design of 1,800 square metres with nine classrooms, a library, an auditorium and exhibition hall. The center can be found at 855 Kalaw street in the historic district of Ermita.

In the past academic year, 6,148 enrollees were registered to Instituto Cervantes in 263 courses to learn the Spanish language in Manila. Aside from our academic courses, Instituto Cervantes also promotes the dissemination of the Spanish and Latin American cultures through numerous activities and events.


855 T.M. Kalaw St.
1000 Ermita, Manila

Tel.: (632) 526-1482
Fax.: (632) 526-1449
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