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Dia del Libro (World Book Day)

The Dia del Libro (World Book Day) is a commemoration was held at international level in order to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright. It originated in the National Day of Sant Jordi (St George's Day), held in Catalonia , where he has been a tradition since medieval times for men to give roses to their lovers, and since 1925 for women to return a book. At the international level is enacted by UNESCO , which began to enact for the first time in 1995 . It is held every April 23 since 1996 in several countries, in 2008 over a hundred. 

In several countries, speaking Spanish , and Cuba , this day is celebrated as the Day of the language , unlike the International Day of the mother tongue held on February 21 . On April 23, 2011 Buenos Aires will be named " World Book Capital ", remaining in office until the same date in 2011 to be replaced by Yerevan .

The choice of the day April 23 as a day of books and copyright, comes from the coincidence of the death of the writer Miguel de CervantesWilliam Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega on the same date in the year 1616 , though not really were on the same day, because the date of Shakespeare for the Julian calendar, which would be May 3rd the Gregorian calendar and Cervantes died on 22 and was buried on 23. It also coincides with the date of death of William Wordsworth ( 1850 ) and Josep Pla 1981 ). The proposal was presented by the International Publishers Association to Unesco , with the aim of promoting culture and the protection of intellectual property through copyright .On November 15th of 1995 the UNESCO General Conference approved the proposal in Paris, from which on 23 April would be the "International Day of Book and Copyright."

In Spain

Alfonso XIII signed a Royal Decree on February 6 of 1926 on the officially created the Spanish Book Festival to be held on the date then believed that he was born Cervantes, on October 7 The original idea was Valencian writer Vicente Clavel Andrés ,  proposing it to the Book Chamber of Barcelona. Soon after, in 1930, definitively establishing the date of 23 April as World Book Day.  The celebration took root quickly in Barcelona and spread throughout Catalonia, although the official purpose was diluted gradually to match the day of patron saint, known as National Day of Sant Jordi  (St George's Day), while in other areas the party was held with little importance or even disappear. Over time they became traditional in Catalonia and gift exchange roses and books between partners and loved ones on that date, becoming one of the most celebrated popular days. This tradition was one of the arguments used by UNESCO to declare April 23 World Book Day . In Spain we consider that date for the annual presentation of the Cervantes Prize, the highest award made ​​to the Hispanic authors. Around the world celebrates this day.

World Book Capital

In 2001 at the initiative of UNESCO was appointed Madrid World Book Capital. Since then, every April 23, different capitals of the world have been accepting this honor, made ​​during the year various cultural activities related to books. In 2002 he served as Alexandria , New Delhi in 2003 , Antwerp in 2004Montreal in 2005 , Turin in 2006Bogota in 2007, Amsterdam in 2008Beirut in 2009Ljubljana in 2010Buenos Aires in 2011 and Yerevan in 2012. 
As of April 23, 2011 Buenos Aires will be the World Book Capital.The selection committee consists of representatives of the International Publishers Association (IPA), the International Booksellers Federation (IBF) and the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) and UNESCO. The following cities have been selected as World Book Capital:

2001MadridBandera de España Spain
2002AlexandriaBandera de Egipto Egypt
2003New DelhiBandera de India India
2004AntwerpFlag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium
2005MontrealBandera de Canadá Canada
2006TurinBandera de Italia Italy
2007BogotáBandera de Colombia Colombia
2008AmsterdamBandera de los Países Bajos Netherlands
2009BeirutFlag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon
2010LjubljanaFlag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
2011Buenos AiresBandera de Argentina Argentina
2012YerevanBandera de Armenia Armenia

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