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Manila, Castillian Memoirs

In this video you'll see Spanish Manila before the war, during the 1930s. By this time Manila was already an American Colony and the Spaniards were already long gone, but because of the almost 400 years of Spanish rule in the country, the Spanish culture were still very much alive then (as well as today). Watching this video makes me feel a little sad, because of how Manila had changed since the 1930s. War and negligence have molded the Manila we know today, but still I'm hopeful that Manila will go back to what it was before.

This Video is called the "Castillian Memoirs" which is part of the Port O'Call Series by the American film maker William M.Pizor.

A celebrity and a famous Manila tour guide, Carlos Celdran's description of Manila:

"I believe that Manila can be a reflection of your state of mind. Being a city of extreme contrasts it’s easy to see how it can become an intense personal experience. Manila can be chaotic and spiritual, dirty and divine, gritty and gorgeous all at once. If you don’t find beauty and poetry here, you will never find it anywhere."

To know more about Carlos Celdran, his Manila walking tour itineraries and the schedule, click WALK THIS WAY. To know more of Manila and it's history, click MANILA. To see Map of Manila, click Manila Map. About the old Spanish walled city of Intramuros, click HERE.
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